A Guide to Creating Healthy Habits That Last

We get so excited about starting a healthier lifestyle that we try to cram all these new healthy habits in at the same time and while these new habits are good, taking on too much (and subsequently crashing and burning) can leave you lost and feeling a failure.

Break it down and plan for success

We’re going to take a simple 5 way approach that will set out small changes that add up over time (and feel more manageable) so you can be confident and start to feel the benefits of a slimmer, fitter and healthier you.

1. Take notes

Keep a food log (this one is arguably most important), record activity, water intake, steps, mood, wake-up and bedtime, etc. You’ll be able to look back, reflect, and decide which areas of your wellness routine may need to be tweaked. This is also a great way to keep yourself accountable!

2. Increase water intake

Drink, drink, drink! Start to add more water. We say this a lot, and for good reason, upping your water intake will help with overall performance, energy levels, digestion, mood, and more, so get sipping now. Add an extra glass or two to your day.

3. Add your 5-a-day

This can be greens or another brightly coloured vegetable. Consider a super green smoothie, a veggie sandwich at lunch, or a rainbow-coloured plate at dinnertime. Don't forget fruit also, add blueberries to your morning porridge or have an apple for a healthy mid-morning snack.

4. Get walking!

Get outside for some fresh air and walk for 15 to 30 minutes (although don't forget bitesize 5-minute walks broken up into the day are also great!). Getting your blood flowing with a little extra vitamin D can do wonders for so many aspects of your health and really rounds out the rest of your habits with some healthy, low-impact movement. It’ll not only help your body, but it can clear your head, too.

5. Sleep is important

More sleep, better habits. Better habits, better sleep. The two go hand-in-hand. Sleep is the absolute foundation for a healthy mind and body. At this point, you’ll be drinking your water, eating your greens, walking… and now recovering and cementing your habits while you sleep. If you don't get enough sleep try scaling back your bedtime (start small and increase overtime).

Remember, You CAN do this!

These steps may seem small but are still hugely impactful. So, take some time to check in with yourself and build that foundation to a healthier you!
Don't forget, if you ever need extra help we are here to support you on your journey!