10 ways to burn a 100 calories on holiday

1. Daily jog for 10 minutes If you have worked hard to build up to running it would be a pity not to keep it up when you go away. It is such a great high-energy spend that you will burn 100 calories in only 10 minutes.

2. Walking knee-deep in water for 10 minutes Wading knee-deep in water offers 12-15 times more resistance than walking on dry land, so instead of burning 5 calories a minute, it doubles to an amazing 10 calories per minute. How good is that?

3. Walking on sand dunes for 12 minutes Walking on sand uses 20%-50% more calories than a similar walk on a hard surface. Amazing! The benefit of walking or running on sand is the wonderful soft landing for the feet, so there is no impact through the joints. The softer and deeper the sand then the harder the workout.

4. Hire a bike and cycle for 12 minutes Getting around on a bike can take you to places you might never have seen. Cycling is a great cardio exercise and gets the heart pumping.

5. Daily swim for 12 minutes Swimming with purpose will always be a great calorie burner. If you’re staying somewhere with a pool, choose a quiet time for an uninterrupted session at a fair old pace.

6. Aqua aerobics for 14 minutes Working out in water is a great energy spend and aqua aerobics is loads of fun. You will meet like-minded holidaymakers who might even join you for a power walk the following day.

7. Daily power walk for 14 minutes Maybe the easiest activity to make a daily habit. Start looking for a good route even before you’ve unpacked your case and go for one good power walk a day.

8. Dance in the disco for 16 minutes Seek out any opportunity to have a good bop on your hols, as the calorie spend is huge. Find the place with the best music and you will spend longer swinging those hips with maybe a hint of salsa!

9. Play games on the beach for 16 minutes Keep it energetic and you will burn 100 calories in no time! It’s amazing how much energy can be spent on a beach with a Frisbee. Deliberately steer it away from each other so you have to reach for it.

10. Go sightseeing for 25 minutes Never underestimate the value of taking in the sights, however casually. Compare that with lying by the pool and you have a worthwhile calorie spend.