Tina Davies

Tina had battled with her weight for years

Tina had battled with her weight for years but when she suffered a serious calf injury and was unable to walk or drive, she became depressed and frustrated and the weight piled on.

Tina, 56, joined the club to help her get back on track and she followed the Lifestyle Change Plan. ‘I uploaded all my favourite foods to my Food and Fitness Diary and calorie counted everything. When you are only 5ft tall every calorie counts!’ she says.

Thankfully, Tina is feeling fit again and has lost three stone and is back to dog walking and dog agility. ‘We even managed a 1st in a recent competition, now I’ve lost the weight and can run!’.

Being under 5ft I have always had a bit of a battle with my weight, just a few extra pounds seems to have a big impact on my figure. Since turning 50 my middle age spread was taking over. I have tried various diets over the years, low carb, high protein, the latest fad, easy to lose a stone or so but none of these have been sustainable long term. About 2010 I joined online, but then I was nearly 3 1/2 stone overweight, my 50th birthday was looming and something had to change.

I lost the weight over 9 months, felt amazing and kept within about 1/2 stone of my target until 2014 when I suffered a serious calf injury. This kept me immobile and housebound for many months, sadly I turned to food, couldn't exercise and became quite depressed. About this time I started suffering badly with menopausal symptoms including anxiety and panic attacks. Once I was able to drive again I started seeing a personal trainer for rehabilitation on my calf, saw a therapist for CBT for my anxiety and eventually I was ready to tackle the weight.

I chose the lifestyle change plan, and I have added all of my favourite foods to my food and fitness diary and calorie count everything. I have found the diet very straight forward, haven't ever felt hungry or deprived, love the choice of recipes on the site and have adapted our usual meals to be low fat. My current BMR is only 1158 so now realise I can't afford to waste a single calorie. Exercise has become part of my daily routine, enjoy the exercises on the site, swimming, Pilates, my personal training sessions, dog walking and dog agility- We even managed a 1st in a recent competition now I've lost the weight and can run!

Health wise I feel great, no anxiety, I'm sleeping so much better and have so much more energy. My damaged calf will probably never be 100% but I now feel I'm giving it the best chance to recover by reducing the stress and strain on my body by being a healthy weight. My eldest son is getting married in early 2018 so that was a huge incentive to get control of my weight, found my outfit a couple of months ago. The size 10 fitted, the 8 was a bit tight, but I bought the 8 and it now fits perfectly!

*Weight-loss results may vary

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