Janet Sandberg

After a lifetime of being overweight, Janet decided enough was enough

In just over seven months she lost an amazing 5 1/2 stone, and went from dress size 18 to size 8. She has been crowned ‘Online Lifestyle Slimmer of the Year’.

Janet, 47, says the turning point was when her dad, who had diabetes, sadly passed away: “I got out of bed and I felt heavy and bloated, and I said to myself that if I didn’t do something about it, I’d get ill and could risk getting diabetes too. I wanted a lifestyle change rather than just a diet, and remembered that Rosemary Conley focuses on portion size and healthy eating. I made a promise to myself to be patient, and not to expect miracles to happen overnight. I’m pleased to say I feel amazing, and I am happy with my new body and myself.”

*Weight-loss results may vary

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