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The Fasting Revolution

NEW! - A unique intermittent fasting plan
£ 9.95 

Peri Peri Seasoning Mix

Add delicious Portuguese flavours to your dishes with this tasty Peri Peri seasoning
£ 2.49 

Spicentice Thai Red Curry Spice Kit

Bring out the flavours of strong ingredients like coconut with this Thai red curry spice mix.
£ 2.59 

Sausage & Bean One Pot

This American classic dish is the ultimate comfort food. Packed full of flavour quick & easy to make with this spice mix
£ 1.59 

Gourmet Chip Seasoning

Take your chips to the next level with this delicious chip seasoning
£ 1.59 

Facial Flex® Package

Turn back time naturally!
£ 59.95 

Facial-Flex® Bands - no 3 (16oz)

Packet of 15 latex free bands
£ 8.99 

Eat Well Lose Weight Get Healthy

Losing weight has never been so easy!
£ 8.95 

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