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Facial Flex® Package

Turn back time naturally!
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As seen on Loose Women, in the You Magazine, The Telegraph and in The Times.  

This package contains one Facial Flex®, full instruction manual, 15 x number 1 bands, 15 x number 2 bands plus a packet of 15 x number 3 bands. All bands are latex-free. Please note the colour of the bands may vary to those shown in the image.

Please note this product may need to be signed for upon delivery

Turn back time naturally!  Look younger and tone up your face, neck and chest in weeks with the Facial-Flex® Package which includes a set of no 3 bands for when you are ready to progress to the next stage.

It works over 30 muscle groups in the face, chin, neck and chest, increasing muscle strength and skin tone, boosting blood circulation and helping to reduce sagging jawline and double chin.  Your face will look younger and firmer in a matter of weeks.  Use it for just two minutes, twice a day, and you should start to notice an improvement in four to six weeks.

How it works:
The Facial-Flex® is based on the principle of repetitive exercise against increased resistance, just like fitness for the body, with an elastic band in the middle of the apparatus providing the resistance.  There are three strengths of the band - 1 being the lightest and 3 the heaviest - enabling you to increase the resistance as you progress

Please note the Facial-Flex® and associated accessories are exempt from our refund policy due to hygiene reasons.  

Please consult a physician before using Facial-Flex® if you:

  • Have recently had facial, chin or neck surgery, injuries or deficiencies
  • Feel any unusual or severe pain while exercising with Facial-Flex
  • Suffer from Temporomandibular Joint/Muscle Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Have had recent dental or orthodontic work
  • Are under a physician's care for any facial condition or disability
  • Have any abnormal face condition

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