Your questions answered....

Question: Does GetSlim have a plan that is suitable for someone who just wants to be healthier without necessarily wanting /needing to lose weight?

Answer: We have the lifestyle change plan, which is great for anyone looking to make changes to their current lifestyle to become fitter, healthier, and happier – without following a formal diet plan

Question: What are the principles of GetSlim’s eating plans?

Answer: Each of the GetSlim’s plans focuses on balanced healthy eating supported by exercise with various options to suit the individual.

Question: Is GetSlim suitable for children?

Answer: No, the site is suitable for people of any age over 18

Question: Does GetSlim cater for men?

Answer: Absolutely, we have a dedicated section for men in the library and in the digital magazine

Question: Do you have a magazine?

Answer: We have a digital magazine that is free to all of our members and is released quarterly

Question: Do you have any healthy eating plans that cater for anyone following a plant-based lifestyle?

Answer: The majority of our plans contain plant-based meals, plus we have over 500 plant-based recipes in our recipes section as well as a free digital plant-based recipe book that members can download

Question: Can I record my exercises each day?

Answer: Absolutely, GetSlim has a section within the food & fitness diary that allows you to record your daily activity, and there is the option to integrate a Fitbit device if you have one

Question: I suffer from Diabetes, can I still join?

Answer: Yes you can, however we would recommend you discuss this with a health professional before starting any weight loss programme

Question: Is the site suitable for both pre & post natal women?

Answer: Only post natal are suitable to join.  A selection of post natal exercise videos and healthy eating fact sheets /videos are available to view and the coaches can provide additional support and advice

Question: Are the diet plans suitable for people suffering from a gluten intolerance?

Answer: All GetSlim’s plans can be easily adapted to work around food intolerances, the coaches can provide individual advice and various fact sheets and videos can be viewed through the library for further information.  In addition, you can filter the recipes to show only gluten-free options as well as there being a free digital Gluten-free recipe book that a member can download.

Question: Can I talk to other members of the website for support and motivation?

Answer: Absolutely, GetSlim has a community chat forum where members share experiences and a Buddy system where you can personally message an online member. Plus there is a private members group on Facebook that where members share stories, pictures and experiences

Question: Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Answer: Yes you can.  If you have progressed beyond the initial 14 days your membership will expire at the end of the current period paid for.  You can also upgrade and downgrade at anytime.

Question: Do you sell/pass on my details to a third party without my knowledge?

Answer: Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on our levels of confidentiality; your details are kept private under the umbrella of Digital Wellbeing Limited.

Question: Are my conversations with the coaches private or will other online members see them?

Answer: All messages between yourself and our coaches are confidential

Question: Can I access the website from my phone?

Answer: Absolutely, the GetSlim website is built using new PWA technology that allows the website to function as an app on any mobile device as well as on desktop devices